Top 10 hottest coaching seats for the season

July 5, 2012

Top 10 hottest coaching seats for the season

Have you been outside lately? Because it’s freaking HOT, y’all. I suppose that’s what happens in summer. Still, while the weather is nice when hanging by a pool or a lake, it can become uncomfortably warm at times. Which leads us to the point of this post: the 10 hottest seats in the NFL.

These are 10 coaches who I think have the most pressure on them to win this season. As you might assume, there’s a combination of factors involving the owner, the fan base, the team’s winning history, the team’s offseason, the coach’s tenure, etc., that factor into this. First-year coaches — and there a whopping six or seven, depending on what you think of the Saints situation — aren’t included.

You’ll probably disagree with most of the picks, and that’s cool. But just make sure you call me and idiot in the comments (you can also do so on Twitter). And while you’re there, leave your list for the hottest seat as well.


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