College athletes aren’t paid enough to be booed

September 16, 2011

College athletes aren’t paid enough to be booed

Should college sports fans boo athletes?

I’m not talking about opponents. Hey, that’s fair game. I’m talking about the young men and women who play for the team you claim to support.

It always bothers me when fans go off on a kid because they don’t think he is good enough.

Saturday night at the Texas-BYU game, fans started in on UT quarterback Garret Gilbert on his first incompletion. By the time he threw a pass into the dirt on third down for the second three-and-out to start the game, it got louder.

Yes he was playing poorly. No, he isn’t a very good quarterback right now and wasn’t a very good QB last year. But as I wrote in my column, there is something unseemly about fans going off on a young man who I assume is doing his best.

These aren’t professionals. Your ticket purchases aren’t paying their salaries.

When it comes to college athletes, and this likely four, 16-team superconference Armageddon scenario, Armegeddon doesn’t mean I’m getting mine, if you know what I mean.



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