Spurrier ate the podium

July 21, 2011

* Spurrier said Stephen Garcia “has behaved very well.”  He also said there will be a preseason quarterback competition between Garcia and Connor Shaw.

* Asked about raising academic standards for recruits, Spurrier said: “For some reason we want to make it more and more difficult on some of these young men that come from difficult backgrounds and difficult academic settings. … I think the requirements are pretty good where they are right now.”

* “How much longer do I plan on coaching?  That’s a good question.  I always say four or five more.  Maybe I’ll start saying three or four more.  Health-wise I feel about like I did 10 years ago or so.  And we’ve got the best players since I’ve been there.  Our program, I really believe, is headed in the right direction.  If it was going bad and we were getting beat, I’d be gone.”

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