College Coaching “Salaries” Not As High As You Think

July 11, 2011

When I posted Ohio State’s football budget a few weeks ago, someone asked how total coaching salaries could be listed at $3.7 million when Jim Tressel was reportedly making approximately that much by himself at the time.

It’s because coaching “salaries” aren’t that high. Technically, only $652,000 of his compensation package is salary. The rest comes from shoe and apparel contracts, endorsements and other outside sources.

For example, Roy Williams at North Carolina makes approximately $1.6 million per year, according to the book Varsity Green. Only $260,000 of that is salary paid by the athletic department. The rest comes from a $3.9 million bonus being paid over five years by the Ram Club, a UNC booster club. He gets another $350,000 from broadcast revenue and $500,000 from Nike.

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