A&M Regents to discuss Longhorn Network

July 20, 2011

As we noted last week, reports out of College Station have officials at Texas A&M worried and concerned about their rivals’ $300 million soon-to-be-launched television network.  They’re worried that it could provide a recruiting advantage for UT.  They’re concerned that their fans might some day have to actually subscribe to the thing just to catch the Horns and Aggies play ball (though there’s a slim chance of that ever happening).

Texas A&M’s board of regents has actually added the Longhorn Network to the agenda of its regularly scheduled board meeting at the end of the week.  That news — naturally — led many to believe that A&M had called a meeting to talk about a planned move to the SEC.  Not so.

Repeat after us:

1.  Texas A&M will someday join the SEC.

2.  That day is not in the immediate future.

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