Newton Tapes Coming In Two Weeks? We’ll See.

March 1, 2011

Late last week, Huntsville, Alabama radio host Scott Moore went on a couple of radio stations to announce that he has heard tapes of Cecil Newton talking about the “bids” that had been made for his son.  Auburn was implicated.  Tennessee was implicated.  Cam Newton was said to be in the room during one conversation.

Of course, only Moore has heard the tapes.  Former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond and fellow MSU booster Bill Bell made the tapes but they haven’t released them.  Moore said on Friday that the tapes are “valuable.”

The long string of teasing from Bond and the Moore media push prompted us to write:

It’s Time For Bond And Moore To Put Up Or Shut Up On The Newton Saga

Newton Tapes Coming In Two Weeks? We’ll See.

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