Mullen: Cam Newton situation ‘kind of stained almost everybody’

February 24, 2011

“I’m sure our paths will cross,” Mullen said. “Like I said, if Cam called me today and said, ‘Coach, I need a favor,’ in a heartbeat I’d do whatever I could to help him as a former player. I’ve always thought we were very, very close. In my opinion, nothing has changed in my feelings toward him. I don’t feel any different today.”

Of course, if the latest round of rumors involving Kenny Rogers are proven correct, Mullen may indeed feel a little different regarding the situation.  Rogers, a former MSU player and alleged middleman in Cecil Newton’s pay-for-play scheme, is rumored to be in possession of an audio tape that supposedly doesn’t exactly cast his alma mater in the most favorable of light when it comes to the Newton situation.

With the NCAA’s investigation into Newton’s recruitment still ongoing, and the newest Rogers rumors — HBO is reportedly engaged in conversations with Rogers and/or his people about appearing on the network’s “Real Sports” show — this story is, unfortunately, far from over and in no danger of being relegated to the back pages just yet.

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