How long will Weis be at Florida?

January 5, 2011

There have been reports that Weis didn’t get along well with many of his players at Notre Dame.  There are some pundits who feel his offense is too complicated for college players.  Even Tony Barnhart of The AJC wonders if Weis is ready to take orders from a younger man.

Though Weis and Kansas City head coach Todd Haley have denied it, there are many rumors in NFL circles claiming that Weis and Haley (a younger man) did not see eye to eye.

If that’s true, then Florida might have been one of the few escape hatches open to Weis.  NFL coordinators who are under contract cannot be hired by rival teams unless the new team offers some sort of promotion.  Weis’ offensive coordinator options in the NFL, therefore, were likely the Chiefs… and the Chiefs.

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